Clothes for a modern woman, created in Latvia.


When we design clothes, we pay attention to making them not only visually beautiful, but also comfortable. Our belief is that clothing should serve the needs of women not the other way around.

KRA-A-A offers a great opportunity to buy clothes that are made in just a few copies.

Dresses, cardigans, spring / autumn coats, tunics, sweaters, home clothes, slippers.

All models are carefully thought out so that every woman can easily combine them
with other clothing and accessories.

You deserve to feel beautiful and comfortable both everyday and on holidays! Clothing is for you, it highlights your personality, shows how wonderful you are.

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And now choose You! So special, beautiful, so very comfortable clothes from KRA-A-A.

We think green and do it responsibly!

We can definitely put ourselves on the list of entrepreneurs who think green. It is important for us to protect the environment and nature.

At some point, as the volume of sewing increased, we began to think about a possible by-product that could be created directly from small pieces of fabric. They are good, but when sewing large products they are simply left over. It really became a lot. We could throw them away, but that would create a lot of waste that had the potential to be useful.

We were really happy to find a way to make a new product that respects nature and the environment around us. We managed to create a product for the whole family.

Our philosophy is consistent with care for nature. Since actively consume its resources, we feel the need to reduce the amount of waste. This will be the third year when we start warm half-wool slippers for both adults and children, starting with the cold autumn / winter weather.

That’s why,

if you care about nature,

You want to support local Latvian producers,

You like to give practical gifts – choose KRA-A-A slippers.

And again – it will not be a mass production, it will be beautiful slippers, probably only in one copy. Created with your well-being in mind and the environment around you and all of us.

Special – slippers created just for you from good materials, for which you will have given a second chance to live and be useful!

The choice is in your hands – we choose KRA-A-A!